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We offer a wide array of traditional quinceanera dresses and sweet sixteen dresses that will fit any type of quinceanera party,pink, red, white,turquoise color quinceanera dresses for sale.
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Quinceañera is a Spanish term means fifteen year and its celebrated in Latin community when a girl turn fifteen to symbolize her transition to womanhood. Also known as simply quince or the longer quince años, fiesta de quince años or fiesta de Quinceañera. Quinceañera tradition has been linked back to 600 years ago with the Aztecs and Mayan. Traditionally Quinceañera is celebrated for the young girls who has just turn 15 to mark her eligibility for marriage and have children. In the modern world 15 is consider too young for marriage!
Quinceañera is the equivalent of the US version sweet 16 or the upper class debutante ball at the age of 16-18. However it differ in the way and scale its celebrated. The girl celebrating Quinceañera is also known as Quinceañera.